Still Eighteen is a unique and exciting alternative rock band from Canada.


Still Eighteen puts on a great live show! Dynamic, talented, entertaining and unique are a few of the words used to describe a Still Eighteen performance. The band's set is made up of their own catchy and powerful originals. If the venue desires, the band can also add iconic classic rock songs by the greats to their set. The Stones, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Bowie etc...!

"Still Eighteen you rock that night in Hard Rock Cafe Florence, thank you for atmosphere and thank you for being you!!! You are inspiring and gorgeous! It's fantastic to observe people who do the thing they really love and enjoy so much as you do your performance and your music!!! Thank you!!!" Alyona Palamarchuk
“Best rock band ever.. thanks guys you are amazing..”. Misael Brito 
“...most of all, I was inspired by the rock band @stilleighteen This group is one family: father, mother and daughter. They have such energy and are classy. My friend after their concert led me to them to introduce and they were also incredibly nice, in general it's super-when the family is like that! Makes a common cause, breathes in one direction” Stacey Suldina 
“hi guys! i saw you at hard rock in punta cana (the guy that take a photo with you) .. i'm a bit shy and not speak english very well .. i only want to tell you that you are really great, i love your songs and the fact that you are a family, really like that .. and all of you looks like very good persons .. i wish the best for you and from now i will follow you closer. (sorry for my English”) Facundo Martin
“New Years eve parties seldom live up to their expectations. Most expensive resorts in Muskoka, Banff and even Vegas. Blahh Last Night we had such a great time and wanted to thank you. We will follow your events and get out to see you more often and drag people with us.” Paul T

"That was a hell of a show in hard rock cafe Santo Domingo, I am a fan now!"
Juan Alejandro Mejia

"Thank you for your concert yesterday in Firenze! It was a great pleasure for us to listen to your band! Christophe Noisette

"Saw you guys at Camden last night and it was awesome!" Alex DeLarge

"... only decent cover I have ever heard of Bowie, Moonage Daydream. Absolutely excellent. 👍🏼" Fredi Threlfall


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Still Eighteen Performing Live

(originals and classic rock covers)

Still Eighteen Performing Live (originals)