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Still Eighteen is a unique and exciting alternative rock band consisting of Canadian rockers: Karen, Joey and Samantha.

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Still Eighteen is not your average alternative rock band.

Consisting of a mother, father and daughter; this trio and their hard hitting, unique brand of infectious rock conjure up the image of a parallel universe in which Jack and Meg White had a badass baby who grew up to accompany her parents on bass.

The members of Still Eighteen consider themselves to be non-conformists and questioners of the status quo. This attitude is reflected in their debut EP, “Bullets to Dust”. The songs in the EP provoke us to ask questions of ourselves and society. The band's intention with the “Bullets to Dust” EP is to inspire hope and change in a world that desperately needs it.

Joey (lead-singer/guitar) has been a musician all his life and has fronted numerous bands, including Canadian bands; Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood. His years of experience are obvious in the talent, passion and professionalism he brings to his songwriting and performance abilities.

Karen met Joey at a gig one night. She was a bright-eyed teenager who instantly knew that Joey was the one. She followed him from gig to gig until she finally caught his attention. Joey knew Karen was the one as well and the two were married a few years later and eventually had their beautiful baby girl, Samantha.

Joey and Karen had always dreamt of one day living on the tropical island of Dominican Republic. The two of them had been there on vacation while in their twenties, exploring the island on rusty, rented motorcycles, and having the absolute time of their lives.

With a mix of excitement and trepidation, Karen and Joey made the decision to live out their dream. Selling nearly everything they owned, they moved with their young daughter to the Dominican Republic and settled in a small town that had become a well-known kitesurfing destination, which was and still is the Ciotti's favorite sport!

This life-changing move had a profound effect on the whole family. "It really expanded our worldview and the way we saw life. In addition to the immense beauty of the island and the incredibly friendly people, we couldn't turn a blind eye to the poverty, social injustice and environmental degradation that we witnessed.” These new insights ignited Joey's creative inspiration and his songwriting flourished.

Samantha, expectedly caught the music bug, and started an all girl rock band at the age of eight. Her band “Crush” would regularly open up for Joey’s band on the island.


Then Samantha started playing bass and writing songs in her pre-teens and would often jam with Joey. They began writing songs together and co-wrote Still Eighteen’s debut EP, “Bullets to Dust”, and most of Still Eighteen’s new unreleased music!

In the meantime, Karen’s many years of exposure to the music world throughout Joey’s music career -- and now it being her daughter's passion -- was the catalyst for Karen becoming a serious drummer.

Still Eighteen was born!

 The band is busy writing and recording and they are excited to release their new music soon!

“We hope you enjoy the music – ROCK ON!”

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