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Still Eighteen's single, "Make This Feeling Go Away" is out!

“Such a great powerful tune, full of energy!” -- Indie Tapes

"Appealing male-female vocals over a suggestive instrumentation full of crunchy guitar lines, punk rock sensibilities and nineties reminiscences, with contagious chorus, meaningful lyricism and energetic vibes...” – Velvety

“...a super fun listen...” – Tongue Tied Magazine

“...the video is so fun to watch. What an idea. We appreciate the pretty carefree style on this track both musically and lyrically. The song comes off as an enjoyable alt-rock tune with garage undertones embedded in it...” UNXIGNED

"Unique sound and distinctive vocals which is great! Nice old school classic rock sounding instrumental, which suits vocals perfectly.” -- Lowdown Magazine

Still Eighteen's single, "I'm Finding It Hard to Believe in Something" is out!

"You can tell that Still Eighteen have pulled from deep inside on this one and it leaves us with a tune that has a dose of yearning that is rare. A real person singing real songs is always something to laud and to relate to... Still Eighteen is pleasant company in a world that has a shortage of such things.” -- mp3hugger

"Meaningful and deep, the lyrics and content are certainly relevant for our times." -- Independent Music Reviews

"A strong emotive 90s rock sound which shines on the big vocal performance.” -- We All Want Someone To Shout For

“I loved the range of the vocal and it reminded me a lot of classic rock bands that I like.” -- Rock The Pigeon Music

"It is an easy listening song with an addictive groove, live performing vibes, positive energy and catchy elements all along the way.” – Metalhead Community Magazine