Still Eighteen's latest single, "I'm Finding It Hard to Believe in Something" is out!

"You can tell that Still Eighteen have pulled from deep inside on this one and it leaves us with a tune that has a dose of yearning that is rare. A real person singing real songs is always something to laud and to relate to... Still Eighteen is pleasant company in a world that has a shortage of such things.” -- mp3hugger

"Meaningful and deep, the lyrics and content are certainly relevant for our times." -- Independent Music Reviews

"A strong emotive 90s rock sound which shines on the big vocal performance.” -- We All Want Someone To Shout For

“I loved the range of the vocal and it reminded me a lot of classic rock bands that I like.” -- Rock The Pigeon Music

"It is an easy listening song with an addictive groove, live performing vibes, positive energy and catchy elements all along the way.” – Metalhead Community Magazine

Still Eighteen's single, "The Impossible" is out!

'''The Impossible’ is such an amazing piece of music!” -- Lefuturewave

"It's got that good rock and roll swagger alright and the bonus of two lead singers... tune into the conversation between the vocal gods... SE appear primed to offer us a whole lot of crazy night every time they climb on stage. Nothing left behind in the studio with this lot." -- mp3hugger

“I really had a good time with this track! The melody is very catchy. The vocals are just amazing!” -- Indie Music Center

"Powerful, passionate and rousing indie-rock anthem… It is powerful and packs a hell of a punch!" -- BarryGruff

“I like the emotions and the energy in this… absolute solid work!” -- Tonspion

 "I love the theme and the feel-good spirit... awesome execution of classic rock influences." -- When The Horn Blows

Still Eighteen's single, "Gubalinda" is out!

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