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Still Eighteen says thank you to QALT Magazine for the in-depth interview of Still Eighteen and the writing of "Piazza Cavour"!

Still Eighteen says thank you to Soundsgood Magazine for the article about "Piazza Cavour"!

Still Eighteen's European tour starting in early 2022 had to be cancelled due to Covid travel restrictions, even though the band is fully vaccinated, it just became too difficult to travel between the 4 European countries the band had concerts in. Still Eighteen is planning to return to Europe in the summer. We'll keep you posted!

Still Eighteen is super stoked that "Piazza Cavour" is being so well received in Italy, especially since it was written while visiting Italy and inspired by Italian history. The band says thank you to all of the Italian music outlets that have posted about "Piazza Cavour", added it to their playlists, and are playing it on their radio stations. Italia Rocks!

Still Eighteen says thank you to The Spill Magazine for premiering their music video for their newest single "Piazza Cavour"!

Still Eighteen's latest song & music video "Piazza Cavour" dropped on December 3rd!

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