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Still Eighteen's new song, "The Devil's Gonna Take Me" made it into the Radio Indie charts at #4!

Still Eighteen's new song, "The Devil's Gonna Take Me" is #4 on Australia's Valley FM Radio 

Still Eighteen's new release, "The Devil's Gonna Take Me" is reviewed by Los Angeles music blog, We Write About Music! 

“While this newest song comes in at just a tad over 3 minutes, it certainly left us wanting more as quickly as it ended... a fantastic genre mixing single that all should be listening to! It’s the kind of song you want to be listening to while cruising down the highway, singing in the shower, or pinned to the rail head banging at a show of theirs.”

Full review:

Still Eighteen's new song "The Devil's Gonna Take Me" is out!

Here is what the industry is saying about the song:

"I like the variation in the track musically, reminds me a little bit of Arcade Fire (or even Meatloaf) in its variety within the same track." -- Pop Occulture 

"This has the gunslinger feel of a proper piece of classic rock, riffs are firing and a singer who lives in the shadows ready to leap upon the weakest among us. It has a dirty sheen for sure, a slithery personality to boot... there is so much happening here that you have to stick around till the end to hear what's coming next." -- mp3hugger 

"Blues-inspired Black Keys esque rock sound, well performed and produced..." -- We All Want Someone To Shout For 

"Super dynamic rock song!” -- Metalhead Community Magazine 

"Enjoyed the lyrical delivery... Loved the danceable element to the track... Great Instrumentation!" -- Hard Of Hearing 

"Has a lot of good energy and driving sounds on this one!" -- Austin Town Hall 

"Love the energy in your music. The beat is lively and the drift into the ethereal is really magically done... I really love your production and the super sounding vocals, it really rocks!" -- Silver Horizon 

"Upbeat, catchy and swaggering slice of fuzzed up alt-rock jam; riffs roar and beats stomp and swagger while it is adorned with hooks you could hang your hat on.” -- BarryGruff 


Still Eighteen's new song,

"The Devil's Gonna Take Me" dropping on June 19th! 

Grunge-meets-glam in this uber-cool alt-rock song. A duet between a drunk-driver and the devil, it tells the story of a whiskey-addled party-goer's last ride. With heavily distorted male/female vocals, a tasty groove you can just about sink your teeth into, and some unexpected twists and turns along the way, this wild-ride of a song will have you feeling like you're driving a shiny new muscle car straight to hell. Pre-save it to Spotify!


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