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Still Eighteen's Samantha & Joey had a wonderful experience being a part of Jennifer Lopez's upcoming movie "Shotgun Wedding" along with Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin & more! They portrayed family members on the groom's (Josh Duhamel) side of the family & spent 6 weeks filming on a beautiful tropical island!

Still Eighteen's newest song, "Tomorrow" is out!

Here is what the industry is saying about "Tomorrow":

"This is a song that recollects the darkness that we went through last year and tries to inject some hope that there will be better days ahead. ...I appreciate how your song gives humanity hope in 2021. ". -- Common Sense

"Such a wonderful singing voice and a very cool track.” -- Independent Spirits

" the energy of this track." -- Girl At The Rock Shows

" easy listening build, beautiful vibes and catchy melodies... big respect for the band's efforts." -- Metalhead Community Magazine

“Strong vocal layering. Positive message...! -- Indie Obsessive

"...such a pretty fresh indie rock tune!" -- Indie Tapes

"Really love that the sound design retained the rawness of the instrumental lines, really amps up that cool edgy vibe.”  -- Lemon Fresh Music

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