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Still Eighteen is honoured to be chosen, out of hundreds of artists, as one of the ten Canadian artists to see at Canadian Music Week by Femmmusic!

Still Eighteen is excited to have been selected as one of the showcasing artists at the Canadian Music Week Festival, May 18th - 21st! Now in its 38th year, CMW is the premier annual showcasing event in Canada!

Still Eighteen's live performance of their original "The Revolution". Since there aren't many opportunities to perform live at the moment - Still Eighteen wanted to tape a live performance and bring it to you! "The Revolution" is available on all major platforms!

Still Eighteen's Samantha & Joey had a wonderful experience being a part of Jennifer Lopez's upcoming movie "Shotgun Wedding" along with Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin & more! They portrayed family members on the groom's (Josh Duhamel) side of the family & spent 6 weeks filming on a beautiful tropical island!

Still Eighteen's newest song, "Tomorrow" is out!

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