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Still Eighteen's new single "The Revolution" is out!

It seems like our world is more divided than ever. Let's all be the revolution our world so desperately needs!

Still Eighteen is performing on Friday, October 11th at the very cool spot, Shots Bar!

Still Eighteen is excited to release their latest track on

October 4th!

Still Eighteen thanks Canada's Globe and Mail Newspaper for reaching out to the band to interview them for Globe and Mail's article on the cancellation of the Roxodus Music Fest.


Still Eighteen's music video for their original, "Carnivore" is in the top ten to date of music videos premiered on Darryl Sterdan's music blog, Tinnitist in 2019!

Still Eighteen is honoured to be one of the few selected bands to be a "Roxodus Rising Rockstar"! 

"The Roxodus Rising Rockstars are the next generations big rockstars that you’ll be able to see LIVE at the Roxodus Music Fest... our fave up-and-coming superstars".

Still Eighteen is honoured to be a part of the epic Roxodus Music Fest. The members of Still Eighteen grew up listening to these iconic rock bands and they are beyond excited to be a part of the lineup! Still Eighteen hits the Roxodus stage on Friday, July 12th at 11:30 am! Get your Tickets Now!  

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