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Still Eighteen's new single, "The Sun" is dropping on Friday, May 3rd!


Still Eighteen is excited to announce that they just signed with RL Recordings out of Detroit. RL is partnered with MI5 Recordings and Universal Music Group!


Still Eighteen says thank you to the Dominican Today Newspaper for the shoutout about their new music video for their song, "You Hit Me Like a Drug"!


Still Eighteen is interviewed on "That Eric Alper Show" Sirius XM channel 167!

(available on demand)

Still Eighteen's new music video for their song, "You Hit Me Like a Drug" is going bananas on facebook! Thousands of shares, likes and views! Check it out, it's BUNCHes of fun!

Still Eighteen is excited to return to Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic to perform at The Livingroom on Saturday, March 23rd!

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