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Still Eighteen's new single, "Carnivore" drops on December 14th!

Still Eighteen is excited to be performing again at El Mosquito Art Bar in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic on Saturday, December 22nd! It was so fun the first time they can't wait to do it again!

Still Eighteen is stoked to be performing at one of their favorite clubs, Cacibajaguabar in one of their favorite cities, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on Friday, December 14th!

Still Eighteen appreciates their music being heard in Canada's Capital, Ottawa. Thank you to Chuo 89.1 FM for adding, "You Hit Me Like a Drug" to their rotation!


Still Eighteen says thank you to Radio Banks Australia for helping their new single, "You Hit Me Like a Drug" make it into the top ten!


Still Eighteen says thank you to all of the Spotify Playlists who have added their latest single, "You Hit Me Like a Drug" and a special thank you to Daily Playlists for the shoutout about the song! 

Still Eighteen is stoked to be performing on the main stage at the Splash of Style Festival with Wyclef Jean and other great artists on Friday, Oct 12th in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! When buying tickets put Still Eighteen in the notes and the first 5 buyers will get a free VIP upgrade!

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