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Still Eighteen's latest single is out! Here is what the industry is saying about "The Impossible"!

''The Impossible’ is such an amazing piece of music!” Lefuturewave


"It's got that good rock & roll swagger alright and the bonus of two lead singers... tune into the conversation between the vocal gods... SE appear primed to offer us a whole lot of crazy night every time they climb on stage. Nothing left behind in the studio with this lot." mp3hugger


“I really had a good time with this track! The melody is very catchy. The vocals are just amazing!” Indie Music Center

"Powerful, passionate and rousing indie-rock anthem… It is powerful and packs a hell of a punch!" BarryGruff

“I like the emotions and the energy in this… absolute solid work!” Tonspion


 "I love the theme and the feel-good spirit... awesome execution of classic rock influences." When The Horn Blows

Still Eighteen had the honor of performing at a gala fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for the education of children in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. It was an epic event! Footage compliments of Cabarete Drone Videos 

Still Eighteen has a new release coming out on March 6th called "The Impossible". It is an uplifting alt-rock song about the hero's journey - the human journey. We've all encountered obstacles in our lives; situations that nearly break us and make us want to give up. However, being the hero of your life is about not giving up, even when it’s hard, even when it seems impossible. This song is for everyone chasing their dreams despite the hardship and heartbreak -- an anthem for those who believe in The Impossible!

Still Eighteen is having a blast performing across Europe! A quick clip of the band performing their original "Pretty Thing" from their debut EP, "Bullets to Dust"!

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