On Still Eighteen's latest release, "Carnivore":

“Oh heck yes!” — Noble Vybe

"The family that plays together slays together." -- Tinnitist

“Canadian alt rockers Still Eighteen take a shot at capitalism yet still fill the sonics up with all the power chords and take it to the bridge in a Camaro attitude that The Man likes. You will probably like it too.” — Bluesbunny

“Fun song!” — Tongue Tied Magazine

“Good and captivating… A brilliant traditional hard rock song with overflowing energy” — Metalhead Community

“Fine mixture of blues and hard rock” — Destroy // Exist

“Unique vocals… like the track’s attitude” — Mix It All Up

“Incredible Voices... The video is amazing” — Keep Walking Music

“A good, raw sound” — Digital Tour Bus

“Cool video” — Modern Music Maker

Still Eighteen is a unique and exciting alternative rock band consisting of Canadian rockers: Joey, Samantha, and Karen.

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Still Eighteen's music video for their latest single "Carnivore"!

Still Eighteen's latest single, "Carnivore"!

Still Eighteen's  single, "You Hit Me Like A Drug" is out!