Still Eighteen is a unique and exciting alternative rock band consisting of Canadian rockers: Samantha, Joey and Karen.

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Check out the tracks to Still Eighteen's debut EP "Bullets to Dust" below!  
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There is more to Still Eighteen than their dynamic live performance abilities and compelling songs. They live life to the fullest and believe in pursuing their dreams. One of their lifelong dreams was to live on a tropical island. Their dream came true in 2001 when they moved to the Dominican Republic to begin a new adventure!

The Dominican Republic had a life-changing effect on them. In addition to the immense beauty of the island, the friendliness of its people, and the relaxed, beach lifestyle, they also witnessed the lives of the impoverished and environmental degradation. 
Their experiences inspired Joey, the band’s lead singer and a former lead singer of Canadian bands: Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood to write songs that speak about these issues. His daughter, Samantha learned to play guitar and sing at the age of nine in her all-girl band, Crush


and started playing bass and writing songs in her pre-teens and would often jam with Joey. They began writing songs together and co-wrote the songs "Bullets & Dust" "Diamonds & Gold", "Pretty Thing" and more! Karen (wife and mother), not wanting to be left out, picked up the drumsticks and Still Eighteen was born!

Still Eighteen puts on a great live show!

Talented, entertaining & unique are a few of the words used to describe a Still Eighteen performance. The band plays a mix of their own catchy and powerful originals and if the venue desires -- iconic classic rock songs by the greats as well! The Stones, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Bowie and more!
"Still Eighteen you rocked that night in Hard Rock Cafe Florence, thank you for atmosphere and thank you for being you!!! You are inspiring and gorgeous! It's fantastic to observe people who do the thing they really love and enjoy so much as you do your performance and your music!!! Thank you!!!" Alyona Palamarchuk

"That was a hell of a show in hard rock cafe Santo Domingo, I am a fan now!" Juan Alejandro Mejia

"Thank you for your concert yesterday in Firenze! It was a great pleasure for us to listen to your band! Christophe Noisette

"Saw you guys at Camden last night and it was awesome!" Alex DeLarge

"... only decent cover I have ever heard of Bowie, Moonage Daydream. Absolutely excellent. 👍🏼" Fredi Threlfall


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 “My dad had a hard life with little time for fun. After my father’s passing only six months into his retirement, I was crushed, and I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to wait to live the life of my dreams. I have never been one to conform and have always questioned the norm, forging my own path - like when I left school as a teenager to hit the road as a musician. I realized after my dad’s death that I was being pulled into a conventional life that I didn’t want. So I changed it.
I believe that anything is possible and that you create your reality with what you choose to think and experience. I also believe that there are no dreams too big. Music has been my dream since I was 4 years old, and I have been following the ups and downs of it ever since. But now music has a new significance for me… I remember seeing Mick Jagger on TV in his studio, singing with his daughter and I thought, I want to do that. I want to be in a band with my daughter. 

Samantha was only a small child at the time but I held onto the vision, and here I am in Still Eighteen with my precious daughter and my amazing wife too!”


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“In my previous career, I had the opportunity to develop relationships with thousands of successful professionals, and it was so surprising to me how many of them weren’t truly happy, even though they had already achieved so much. This motivated me to try and live the most meaningful, fulfilling, and adventuresome life possible.

To have the opportunity to be in this band with my best friends in the world; Joey and Samantha, is a dream. My greatest passion is to bring our music to the world and inspire people to live out their own dreams. It is my hope that Still Eighteen will make a positive, lasting impact on the world.”

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“When I was younger, I never really fit in with kids my age. I went to an International school for the first seven years of living in the Dominican Republic, and I was bullied a lot. Then at thirteen I had to wear a back brace to school every day for my scoliosis, and the bullying got to the point that I decided to switch to online schooling.

Even though I’ve graduated, I still sometimes have trouble fitting in. I think the main reason for this is that, unlike the majority of my peers in university, I decided not to go. I believe whole-heartedly in Still Eighteen and nothing makes me happier than playing and writing music with my amazing family. My dream is for our music to reach as many people as possible. I hope our music makes a positive impact and that our band inspires people to pursue their own dreams, no matter their age.

I also want to help people who do not have the opportunities I've had. Growing up in a developing country really makes you realize how blessed you are and not to take anything for granted. If I become wealthy in the future, I want to share that wealth, not hoard it. I believe that life is about making the world a better place for as many people as you can.”

In the end, for Still Eighteen, it's about rocking it out, while trying to make a positive difference in the world.”
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Still Eighteen thanks AMS ITALIA for their press release regarding the band's upcoming performances in Italy!

Italian Press Release

Still Eighteen is excited to perform in Rome, Italy for the first time at the very hip and cool, Yellow Bar! Details

Still Eighteen is off to Italy to perform again at the beautiful Hard Rock Cafe in the historic city of Florence, Italy!


Still Eighteen is interviewed on Lax 102.1 FM Santo Domingo!

Still Eighteen is featured in the Dominican Republic's English language newspaper, Dominican Today!

Still Eighteen is interviewed by Indie Hoy; one of Latin America's premier music blogs!

Still Eighteen releases their new music video for their song Bullets & Dust from their debut EP, Bullets to Dust!

Still Eighteen's music video for their song Bullets & Dust is premiered on Canadian Beats!

Still Eighteen rockin' it out at Hard Rock Hotel!

Still Eighteen performs in the historic city of Florence, Italy at the beautiful Hard Rock Cafe!

Still Eighteen's Karen and Samantha are interviewed on Italian radio station "Lady Radio" 102.1 in Florence, Italy for the band's show at Hard Rock Cafe, Florence!

Still Eighteen's debut EP Bullets to Dust now being played on Italian radio station Radio Mugello 99fm!
Still Eighteen performed their lead single "Bullets & Dust" from their debut EP "Bullets to Dust" live for the first time at Hard Rock Hotel!

Still Eighteen performs in Santo Domingo, D.R. at the bar for real rock lovers, Caciba!
Still Eighteen is interviewed on radio X 102.1 FM!

Still Eighteen's songs Bullets & Dust and Pretty Thing from their debut EP Bullets to Dust are now being played on radio stations Escape 88.9, La Rocka FM 97.1 and X 102.1 FM, CFBX, and The Next Big Thing Radio Show!
Still Eighteen performs in beautiful Samana Bay, Dominican Republic -- the breeding ground of the Humpback Whale to perform at Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo!
 Still Eighteen is featured in 7th place on Emerging Indie Band's list of top bands for 2017!
Still Eighteen's songs, "Bullets & Dust", "Pretty Thing" and "The World Keep's Turning" from their debut EP "Bullets to Dust" has now been added to the rotation on Hot Wax Radio!
Still Eighteen's lead single "Bullets & Dust" is being played at 94.9 The Rock!
Still Eighteen's debut EP "Bullets to Dust" is added to the rotation at Wolf Internet Radio! 
Still Eighteen's debut EP "Bullets to Dust" is featured on UK's music blog, The 'Spill for their "Sounds on Sunday" segment!
Still Eighteen is "Readers' Choice" for "Band of the Month" for their debut EP,
"Bullets to Dust" on UK's Emerging Indie Bands Blog!

Still Eighteen's song "Pretty Thing" from their debut EP, "Bullets to Dust" is on Hype Machine!
Still Eighteen's debut EP, "Bullets to Dust" is included in Pause & Play's list of new releases! Entertainment Weekly named Pause & Play one of “the 100 greatest Web sites”!
Still Eighteen is featured as an Up 'N' Coming band in Pete's Rock News and Views!
Still Eighteen's debut EP, "Bullets to Dust" is reviewed by Emerging Indie Bands Blog:

"The Dominican Republic based Canadian originating protest-rock trio Still Eighteen are set to release their début EP Bullets To Dust on the 9th of December...

Still Eighteen are able to fulminate against a system of geo-political rectitude whilst becoming neither belligerent nor pleading as the bluesy-rock guitar echoes across the room to accompaniment of punctuated drum skins whilst punctilious bass lays with burnished vocal as the music spirals around the room and delivers sounds of incredulity that the world has become one of tribal in-fighting promulgated by those with no vested interest other than for their own amusement and betterment on the skeletons of those they abuse.

From the four track release the opener – and my pick of the EP – also the title – Bullets To Dust."

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